Ilya Kaverznev

Soviet Russian painter.
Born in 1962 in Riga, in the family of Soviet television political commentator F. F. Kaverznev. Ilya Kaverznev graduated from MGAHI by Surikov. In 1993-1997 he was training in art studio of the Russian Academy of Arts. In the artworks of Ilya Kaverznev there are elements of modern and classic academism. The main genres: religious subjects, portraits, still life and landscape.
In 2003-2066 the artist was engaged in re-creation of interiers, iconostasis and murals in the church of Sophia - The Wisdom of God in the Cannon court in Moscow.
Since 2002mhe is a member of the union "Russian World", wich includes several representatives of classic Russian fine art. The exhibitions of this art union took place in Moscow (2002-2004), Munich (2006) and Vatican (2007).
The artworks of Ilya Kaverznev are exhibited in museums and private collections in Russia, Germany, England and Italy.

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